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Stand With Israel

Respond to the Needs that Matter

We know you are a friend of Israel. Right now, Israel is in the greatest fight it has had since 1948. This is the time to stand with Israel and the Jewish people against their enemies.

You can be a shining beacon of hope and bring encouragement to God’s Chosen People in New Zealand, in Israel and around the globe. Your gift will be used to save & protect lives, provide humanitarian relief in the most basic forms, and build bridges with the Jewish community in ways that foster solidarity and friendship. From medical supplies to food distribution, from clothing to bomb shelters, from fear, loss and hopelessness to security and eternal hope—you are shining a light in the darkness in Israel and beyond.

Since 1938, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry has been ministering to the Jewish people, in Christian love, around the world. Today is no different. Reaching more than 18 countries, especially Israel, The Friends of Israel is proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while bringing physical and spiritual comfort to the Jewish people.

Join us and stand with Israel today.


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