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Just as you love God, so do we! We love God, His Word, and the Jewish people. Just as you, we share our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, support Israel’s right to the Land, oppose antisemitism, and live lives of humility, integrity, and respect for others. The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry is a worldwide evangelical ministry proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while bringing physical and spiritual comfort to the Jewish people. Our vision is to see everyone believe in God’s Son and understand God’s plan for you. When you give to the greatest need at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, you are demonstrating that you are a true friend of Israel and follower of the Lord.


Where Needed Most

When you give to our general giving we split the gift the following way. 50% goes to local support for our ministry workers and 50% goes to a ministry project that needs support right now.


Eastern European Relief

Provide aid to the most vulnerable people in Jewish communities in Ukraine and surrounding areas. Your support today will go directly to helping those impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Aliyah Return Fund

Help a Jewish Person Return Home:
As updates persist around the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Israel is preparing for an influx of Jewish people returning to the Land. You can be part of God’s plan to rescue the Jewish people and bring them home, find safety, help them learn Hebrew, receive job training, and integrate into Israeli society.


FOI-New Zealand

Will you become a Friend of Israel in New Zealand? Your financial support enables our mission to continue proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and The Messiah as well as bring physical and spiritual comfort to the Jewish people, here and around the world.


Lawry's Support

Simon is engaged in full time Ministry for FOI in New Zealand and Australia. He and wife Jo share a love for Israel, host Israeli travellers and take tours to Israel. Simon speaks in churches and is trustee of FOI-NZ. Your support contributes to the work in developing the NZ mission and proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah and sharing the comforting hope of the gospel to Jews and Gentiles alike.


Meet at the Mountain

Meet at the Mountain builds bridges with Israeli travellers by providing accommodation near the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the central North Island of NZ. Your support affords our team the opportunity to bring hope through hospitality and relationship through recreation.


Worldwide Ministries

Each year FOI International Ministries supports four projects that need funding to minister in strategic areas of the world to bring spiritual and physical comfort to the Jewish people. Your gift will make a real difference to support this work.


Israel Relief Fund

Your gift to Israel support directly supports work on the ground in Israel. Whether it is physical or spiritual we have a number of strategic projects that make a real difference for the Jewish people. These include bomb shelters to protect from rockets fired from Gaza, fire equipment and Ambulances. And spiritually, we partner with those that are sharing the good news at every opportunity under difficult conditions.

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