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Serve Israel


Hesed (lovingkindness in Hebrew) is an exciting, Christian adult-volunteer program to Israel, hosted by The Friends of Israel Australia. Participants will work alongside Israelis doing manual labor and giving their time, effort, and resources to help us serve the people of Israel practically.


It’s an opportunity to not just see Israel, but also serve Israel!

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Do things other tours won’t have time for.

  • Work hard

  • Have fun

  • Be immersed in the culture

  • See significant biblical sites from a different vantage point

  • Learn about Israels challenges

  • Spend time on a Kibbutz

  • Sift the rubble of the Temple Mount

  • Swim in Mediterranean Sea, Soak in the Dead Sea and be refreshed in the Sea of Galilee

Leket Image.jpg

Serve the Land of Israel

Work shoulder to shoulder with other Israelis as you help show lovingkindness to Israel through the harvesting and sorting of fresh food that helps serve 3,000 needy Israeli families. At Leket Israel, you will literally be gleaning the fresh produce from the land of Israel. You will get a true sense of what life is like for Israelis as you come in contact with the people of the land.


Get perspective of living in Israel

Get perspective about the Israeli Palestinian relationship when you see the work and hear stories from Operation LifeShield near the border of the Gaza Strip.

See firsthand how Israel defends itself against rocket attacks from Gaza and visit a kibbutz to learn about what life is like living next door to your enemies.


Touch the land of Israel

Sift ancient rubble from the 1st and second Temple periods where you will uncover the relics of the past and learn of the history of Jerusalem from biblical times.

See how Israel is discovering her history piece by piece and be a part of the process.


Stand on the Mountains of Israel where Jesus once stood

See the land of Israel from the heights of mountains where Jesus once walked with His followers and where the stories of the Bible took place.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Soak in the seas of Israel

Swim in the Mediterranean , soak in the therapeutic water of the Dead Sea and sit by the beautiful Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), or take a dip to wind down after a busy days activities.

This tour affords the time to immerse yourself in the environment that Israelis take advantage at every opportunity in the same we do in Australia.


Thanks, we will be in touch!

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