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Every Bible handed out to those seeking truth in the Messiah, every moment spent with Holocaust survivors, every bomb shelter donated – is by you. When you donate to The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry you are making a lasting impact on lives all over the world. Thank you for obeying God’s command to bless His Chosen People.

Registered Charitable Trust

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry is a registered Charity and has Donee status for all financial gifts within New Zealand.

You will find the ways to make a financial gift below and all gifts will be receipted for the purposes of taxable reimbursement. If you would like to make a gift in some other way , please contact us at our Auckland office. Our payment system currently allows for payments within New Zealand only. If you experience any difficulty with making a payment, please CONTACT US immediately.

ways to make a payment

Direct Bank Transfer

You pay online using the bank details in the form below to transfer your payment to our BNZ Trust Account


We can either call you, or you can phone our office. Details are in the form below.


Using a Credit/Debit Card you can pay online using the form below.

Keep scrolling to our online payment FORM

To Support FOI in New Zealand and around the world, please use the form below.


By faith I /We would like to support The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.

Please direct our gift to the following.
2. I/We would like to discuss arrangements for FOI to:
3. I/We want to pray for FOI - please update us with prayer and news items
I /We would like to pay...

Thank You!

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