Lawry's Support

Simon oversees the work of FOI as the New Zealand Ministry Representative. He and wife Jo share a love for Israel, host Israeli travellers and take tours to Israel each year. Your support contributes to having ministry representation in NZ helping to proclaim biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah among churches and sharing the comforting hope of the gospel to Jews and Gentiles alike.

Meet at the Mountain

Meet at the Mountain builds bridges with Israeli travellers by providing accommodation near the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the central North Island of NZ. Your support affords our team the opportunity to bring hope through hospitality and relationship through recreation.

Sponsor a Young Adult

Travelling to Israel is life-changing and faith expanding, but not everyone is in a position to make such a journey. The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry ORIGINS Tour is for young adults to serve and see the land like never before. Your gift can help support a young adult towards this life-changing experience.

Where Needed Most

When you give to our general giving we split the gift the following way. 50% goes to local support for our ministry workers and 50% goes to a ministry project that needs support right now.

Administration and Office Support

Our office is the hub of our ministry and supports all that we do to serve our supporters throughout New Zealand. Your gift towards this part of our ministry is significant in helping us administrate, communicate, and accelerate the work of FOI-NZ.

Worldwide Ministries

Each year FOI International Ministries supports four projects that need funding to minister in strategic areas of the world to bring spiritual and physical comfort to the Jewish people. Your gift will make a real difference to support this work.

Israel Support

Your gift to Israel support directly supports work on the ground in Israel. Whether it is physical or spiritual we have a number of strategic projects that make a real difference for the Jewish people. These include bomb shelters to protect from rockets fired from Gaza, fire equipment and Ambulances. And spiritually, we partner with those that are sharing the good news at every opportunity under difficult conditions.

Become a Financial Partner

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry is prayerfully seeking more financial partners who share a love for biblical truth and a have a heart to bring comfort to the Jewish people. If you would like to partner with us then let us know by clicking on the link below to our online partnership form.

Why become a Financial Partner with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (NZ)

  • We are committed to the proclamation of biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah.

  • We are committed to bringing comfort to Israel and the Jewish people, both physically through strategic needs both in Israel and around the world, as well as spiritually by sharing the hope of Messiah.

  • We are committed to the local Church through bible teaching and providing biblical resources that help believers grow and understand God's redemptive plan for Israel.

  • We are committed to a literal, historical, grammatical interpretation of the Bible.


  • We are committed to the rejection of antisemitism in all forms. We also stand against replacement theology which has become most prevalent throughout the church today.