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Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE to read the Tour Terms & Conditions.

About the Tour Itinerary

Why is this tour combining Israel & Jordan when previously they have been separate tours?

In previous tours where we offered Jordan as an extension to our Israel tour, 85% of the passengers chose to take up the optional Jordan component. Itineraries will vary for each tour.

It also presents a great opportunity to see more Bible highlights

Who are our Travel Partners for this Tour?

Over the years we have established partnerships with various travel providers. However we are not locked into any agreements and prepare each tour by seeking the best value and service we can obtain at the time.

For this tour we will be partnering with Israel specialists Olive Tree Travel and Sar El Tours, a well established Christian Tour company in Israel.

Finally, we will be flying with Emirates which has a solid reputation for safety and service.

About Tour viability, important dates & cancellation Policy

What happens if there is insufficient numbers to fill the tour?

Tour viability is based on the right number of passengers booking at the right time so as to avoid any penalties. Our Travel partners are monitoring the bookings daily and ensure FOI are kept up to date on how the tour is filling. They also monitor significant dates that could impact the group that is registered to ensure deposits are protected. In the unlikely event that tour numbers are not sufficient to make the tour viable, the Tour Director will make the final decision to cease bookings and all registered passengers will be refunded accordingly. If there is sufficient numbers to continue progressing the tour, we will discuss the options with those registered to assess whether there is interest to continue at extra cost. Historically, we have seen unprecedented demand for our tours and believe there is every reason this tour will be fully booked quickly.

When does Registration close?

Registrations have a deadline for registrations as well as full payment balance. Registration forms complete with $500 deposit is due by 30th January and full payment is due by 15th August.

We may continue to take registrations if seats remain.

About Flights & Connections

Why have we chosen to fly Emirates?

Previously we have flown a combination of airlines including the Israeli National carrier El AL. But in August 2020 a miraculous peace agreement known as the Abrahamic Accords opened the gate for new travel partnerships between Israel & Arab countries like the UAE allowing for Emirates to fly into Israel as well as Israeli airlines to fly into some Arab countries. As a result, we now have access to what is a straight forward route through the Middle East.

Why is there only a selected number of seats available from each port?

During the pandemic the airline industry was pretty well shut down overnight. As Airlines get back on their feet they are offering less flights and varied schedules in order to fill planes. This has affected larger group travel with allocations less flexible than before the pandemic.

What connections will be required for our flights?

Our Tour flights will depart from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. If you live outside of these cities you will have to make your way to these ports in sufficient time to take your flight.

Flights from all ports will depart in the evening flying over night and arrive in Dubai early morning where the whole tour group will meet up and connect with our ongoing flight to Amman in Jordan.

On the return leg of the journey, we will be flying out from Tel Aviv and connecting with flights at various times to our respective cities in Australia & NZ.

Can I make my own flight arrangements or change my schedule to accommodate other travel?

This tour is a packaged tour including land and air and the price is based on all passengers flying as per the tour schedule. It is possible to make personal arrangements and these will need to be done in consultation with Olive Tree Travel.

About Registration & Payments

How do I register & pay for the tour?

You are not considered to be a part of the tour UNTIL you have submitted a signed and completed REGISTRATION FORM and your $500 DEPOSIT has been received. When this is complete, you will be formally notified that you are registered for the tour and added to the passenger list. Full balance of the tour costs will be due by 15th August.

Send your completed Registrations forms together with your passport photo pages to


Olive Tree Travel

103A Gardenvale Rd, Gardenvale

VIC 3185, Australia

1300 550 830

About Travel Insurance (Important)

Do I need Travel Insurance and how do I get it?

It is mandatory to have travel insurance to enter Israel and specifically sufficient cover for the treatment of all medical conditions as well as any Covid related illness both prior to travel and during. It is important to ensure you have cover for cancellation and purchase your policy in sufficient time prior to your departure.

We cannot give advice for which Travel Insurance you should buy, just that you must have it.

The following link may be helpful in selecting travel insurance in New Zealand.

About Covid Protocols (UPDATED 20th January 2023)

Currently, as with most countries around the world, Israel is treating the Covid situation like any other flu like illness and not placing any greater burden on the public or tourists than necessary. The destinations on this tour have NO SPECIAL COVID REQUIREMENTS.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

  1. There are currently no vaccination requirements for travel to the destinations in the tour.

  2. There is no requirement for vaccination to reenter Australia and New Zealand.

What are the Covid Protocols for entry into Israel?

There is no testing requirements or specific declaration forms required.

What if I'm feeling unwell during the tour?

As with all our tours, we recommend that if you’re feeling unwell you should remain in your room at the hotel and communicate your situation with a tour host.

If you require medical attention throughout the tour we can assist to ensure you are able to see a Doctor or visit the hospital. These things are at your own expense and it is important that you are able to pay for the medical care up front where required and keep your receipts for Insurance purposes.

About Safety In Israel

How safe is Israel for tourists?

The Friends of Israel has been taking tours to Israel for over four decades and over that time seen the country blossom into a strong Western-like democracy and even though it is situated in a troubled neighbourhood you will feel safe.

Israel is a modern country with excellent hygiene and health services comparable to the Western World, with safe drinking water and food services. You do not need any vaccinations to visit Israel.

About Physical Requirements

What level of fitness is required for the tour?

FOI tries to make our tours accessible to all who want to come.

However, there are some important physical considerations to evaluate before committing to the tour.

A moderate level of fitness is necessary. The Tour includes uneven, unpaved, and rocky surfaces; places without railings; and sites that are not accessible for the disabled.

Please note that on the tour you will WALK 4-8 KM’S PER DAY and we will be getting on and off the bus multiple times each day.

On occasions you will need to be able to keep up with the group with minimal assistance.

About What to expect on Tour

What does the average tour day look like?

The day generally starts on the bus around 8-8:30am with a full stomach from the buffet breakfasts and great excitement for what we will see that day. We will begin with prayer and a short devotion or reading as we seek the Lord to direct our day and teach our minds and hearts.

Every day will be slightly different.

Each day we will visit scheduled stops as per the Itinerary* where we begin to explore with the aid of our Israeli Guide. We will open the Scriptures together and understand the biblical significance of the site as well as the historical and potentially prophetic significance as well. After our learning experience there is occasionally time to wander the site at your own pace depending upon the time constraints.

Some days will be busier than others, some will require more time in the bus as we travel longer distances. The great thing is that Israel is a very small country so distances are comparatively small.

There will be times for singing, worship, prayer and personal reflection. Every day will be different and bring an amazing series of special moments that you will remember for the rest of your life, and not only that but you will never again open your Bible and read it the same.

*The Tour Itinerary may vary

How can I learn more about what to expect in Israel?

Sar El Tours can provide some information.

The following Israeli Government Travel website is also helpful.

Websites to help you plan your travel


CLICK HERE to read the Tour Terms & Conditions.

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