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The Common Thread DVD & Study Guide

The Common Thread DVD & Study Guide

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There’s a special promise in the Bible that extends from Genesis to Revelation. The Common Thread: Tracing God’s Faithfulness from Abraham to You presents that promise—God’s covenant with Abraham. Filmed on location, this eight-session study will take you from the Sea of Galilee to Tel Aviv to the Mount of Olives and many historic Israeli sites in between. As you track the story of God’s faithfulness, you’ll see how His promise with Abraham blesses the whole world through the Jewish people.

The study guide is designed to bring you deeper into Scripture and personal reflection to supplement the teaching from the DVD. The guide features both group and individual questions and sections for exploring the Scripture passages and Israeli locations that relate to each week’s video.

*Includes 1 DVD and 1 Study Guide

(Format: DVD, Approx. 15 minutes/session, Approx. total run time: 124 minutes, Code: V037PK)


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