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It Is No Dream

It Is No Dream

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We see the clear picture in the Hebrew Scriptures---God calls the Jewish people to proclaim His name, bless the world, and eventually give us our Messiah. But have you ever wondered why God chose the Jewish people? And why, after all these years, are they back in their ancient land? For the Jewish people, the vision of returning to their land never waned. Their prophets proclaimed it in God's Word. They held to the hope during years of dispersion and persecution. Their story isn't over. The answer is written in God's Word and it is our duty to know and tell it.

This newly-revised and updated color edition of It is No Dream scans the entire biblical and prophetic program for Israel. With Elwood McQuaid’s biblical knowledge, relationships with many Jewish leaders, and literary skill, he tells the whole story as only he can. This book is a must-read for every Christian. Now includes maps and pictures throughout!  Paperback, 249 pages, Code: BF017


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