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Pre-Register for our next Israel In Focus Bible Study Tour


With the current uncertainty in Israel we are waiting for the next window of opportunity to tour.

By pre-registering for our Israel In Focus Tour, you not only help us prepare and provide an awesome tour at the best price but you will be FIRST TO KNOW the details of the next tour and will automatically receive the full tour Itinerary, costs, and booking form to your email inbox. 

  • No Commitment

  • No Deposit

  • No Pressure

  • No Fuss

  • Change your mind? No worries, just tell us and we can remove you off the list.

To Pre-Register complete the form below



Have you been to Israel before?
If travelling solo, do you need a room mate?
I want to bring a group (3 or more)
I/WE are interested in add-on tours
If this tour doesn't work, when would be the best time for you to travel?
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