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They Called Her Miriam: The Virgin of Nazareth

They Called Her Miriam: The Virgin of Nazareth

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The person Miriam (Mary) has always challenged the minds of Christians. What kind of person was she? What was her relationship with this divine Son she was privileged to bear? What is the place of Mary in God’s redemption story? These are just some of the many questions that excite and divide Christendom.

Its very title, They Called Her Miriam, the Virgin of Nazareth, demonstrates the author’s intention of restoring to readers her Hebrew name, Miriam, but above all, to the real, historical, flesh-and-blood, scriptural image of the mother of our Lord. To accomplish this, he strips away the stereotype, legend, myth, dogma, and misplaced piety. Yet he is careful to treat his subject with deep reverence, warm feeling, and consummate skill. The result is a book which brings back to us a beautiful, pulsating, and human Miriam, one which is in harmony with the New Testament.

Author: Victor Buksbazen, 227 pages, Paperback, Code BF004

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