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The Appointed Times DVD

The Appointed Times DVD

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Today in Israel and throughout the Jewish world, the annual cycle of holy days continues to be observed. From the making of unleavened bread to the blowing of trumpets, these spring and fall feasts provide rest, remembrance, and renewal, calling people back to God.

In this 4-part presentation, Michael Rydelnik, Avner Boskey, and Michael Brown spend time in Israel uncovering the historical, agricultural, sacrificial, and prophetic understanding of the sacred feasts. Although some believe these appointed times are only relevant for the people of Israel, this team of Jewish scholars and followers of Jesus are convinced that they hold more significance: that the spring and fall feasts are fulfilled in Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, and promise of His return. See in stunning detail how these feasts unfold God’s grand story of redemption for the entire world.

Region Free NTSC, approx. 100 minutes (25 minutes for each program), Code: V032


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