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UPDATE - 12th July 2024

Shalom Friends,

Israel and the Jewish people need your support more than ever as they face the daily pressures from war, political opposition from other nations, and an exponential rise in antisemitism emanating from so many spheres of society around the globe. This has become a frightening reality for the Jews where ever they live.

It is 280 days since Israel has been at war with Hamas and there has been 327 IDF soldiers killed during that time with many more injured. 60,000 people remain displaced in the north of Israel as Hezbollah missiles and drone attacks continue. The crisis that began on October 7th has brought grief, uncertainty and disruption for all of Israel. In the midst of all this, God is still at work and the seeds of the gospel are being sown in many places throughout the land and from among the Messianic community.

Thank you for your Support

Your financial gifts also make a difference both in Israel and for the Jewish diaspora where ever they are located. Take a moment to read the 2024 Gratitude Report and get a snapshot of the work FOI is doing around the world thanks to the support of people like you.


We have two distinct funds that support Israel and the Jewish people and are making a real impact both on the ground in Israel as well to Jewish people around the world. Click on the images below to find out more.



Please keep praying for Israel!

We praise God for the rescue of four Israeli hostages a few weeks ago and continue to pray more hostages will be found alive as the IDF move to a new stage in the war with Hamas in Gaza.

In case you missed it, three of the hostages, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv were being kept in the home of Abdallah Aljamal, a Hamas terrorist in central Gaza’s Nuseirat. Aljamal's family were also in the home including his father, a Doctor and were all killed in the daring rescue by the IDF. Another shocking revelation was the fact that Abdallah Aljamal is a journalist and has contributed to a number of media outlets including Al Jazeera, the network recently shut down in Israel for it's support for Hamas.

Pray for FOI - New Zealand

Here in New Zealand we ask for your prayer as we continue the search for a new ministry representative. We give thanks for Cassy in our Auckland office as she fulfils the regular resource orders and donations and fields the increasing number of inquiries we receive especially online. We are so blessed to see the Lord moving more people to partner with our work as we bring comfort to the Jewish people and clarity through God's Word about Israel and the Messiah.

Early in June I was scheduled for ministry in Bay of Plenty and the Waikato but had to postpone this due to a sudden health issue with my wife Jo. I was able to speak at our FOI-Australia prophecy conference this past week in Sydney and next weekend will be speaking in Perth for our conference at Woodvale Baptist Church.

Finally, Lord willing in November this year, we will be taking a very small contingent of willing participants from Australia and NZ on a solidarity visit to Israel. This will be in collaboration with FOI-US and hosted by Executive Director Dr. Jim Showers and is very different to a regular tour. If this is something you may be interested in doing please contact our office and we will be in touch with further details.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Blessings In Christ

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