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Providing Refuge

The Farm In Poland

The “Farm” is a safe refuge just West of Warsaw in Poland and is serving the Ukraine refugee crisis and in particular Jewish refugees fleeing the war. Millions of Ukrainians have sought refuge in Poland, many are Jewish and our staff at the Farm are using funds to provide much needed accommodation and care.

Funds have been used to purchase converted shipping containers that still need further renovations.

Converted Shipping Containers for Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

Converted Shipping Containers for Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

A recent few days at the Farm as described by one of our workers: Their work continues to be busy.

"A few words about the last few days at the Farm.

On night Saturday / Sunday there were 12 (2 families) person at the Farm.

On Sunday, one family continued its journey. On the same day we welcomed the family who came from Mariupol. Their journey lasted 19 days. They traveled through Russia and Belarus.

Two more people from the Dnieper arrived on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, we took the family from Mariupol to the Jewish Emigration Agency (Sochnut). The second family we hosted decided to stay in Warsaw and look for a job here.

On Tuesday afternoon we picked up a family of five in Warsaw who want to make Alijah - they came to Poland via the Kaliningrad Region (Russia).

On Wednesday, next family arrived from the area bombed by Russia (Kryvy Róg). Today we took one family to the Jewish Emigration Agency (Sochnut), and another family continued to travel to friends in Poland.

Now we have two people - mother and daughter and we look at what God plans next.

As you can see, the days are very intense. Thank you for your support and prayers!"

Providing Relief

The Supplies for Ukraine


“Yesterday evening Synagogue in Chernivtsi received a humanitarian aid from FOI that was delivered via Poland. It was organized by H.

S was very exited and wrote to me: “T, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you, H and all our Christian FOI friends for this abundant supplies. We can help a lot of people“.

10 pallets of supplies.”

Providing Return to Israel

As stated in the Law of Return "Every Jew has the right to come to this country as an oleh (Immigrant)"

To “make Aliyah” simply means to “go up” or to make ascent as a pilgrim would “go up” to Jerusalem on the feast days.

The Jews of Ukraine likely have never lived in Israel, most have never been there and have possibly never entertained the notion of moving there. On 5th July 1950 the Law of Return was passed by the Israel Knesset that affords Jews the right to immigrate and become a citizen of Israel.

Just as it was in 1938 when FOI was started, today we continue to assist many Jews from around the world and now those being uprooted from Ukraine to make Aliyah and return to the land of their long since passed ancestors. This is Bible Prophecy unfolding literally before us and something you can be part of through your support.

A Precarious Journey of around 1500kms to provide physical and spiritual comfort for the Ukraine Jewish Community

Our workers are making extensive and dangerous journeys into Ukraine from Poland to take aid and help with the safe passage of Jewish refugees currently being cared for by the Synagogue. “This Synagogue now takes care of more than 200 Jewish and non-Jewish refugees from the city of Mariupol, where fierce fighting is taking place. I asked them for a letter where they invited us to bring a humanitarian aid (it will be convenient to show this letter on the border).”

“Today we came to Chernivtsi. And here also we met with Jewish refugees. We hope that in a week or two a few people will make an Aliyah.”

Life-Changing Conversations

Mike, we are so grateful for your prayers.

“The Lord bless us every day.

We visited Khmelnitsky in Ukraine and had very good time with I, a director of Hesed and I, his secretary. They organized for us a meeting with the Jewish refugees from the eastern part of Ukraine.

There are about 60 people in a village outside the city. They have the opportunity to stay there for one month without paying. T talked to them about Israel and about making an Aliyah via Poland. People still hope that they will return to their homes or start something new in Ukraine if their houses are destroyed. We are praying that the Lord gives them desire and courage to go to Israel.

A few people are ready to do it. It is a little bit sad that not more.

Today we came to Chernivtsi. And here also we met with Jewish refugees. We hope that in a week or two a few people will make an Aliyah. Their decision for going to Israel is just a beginning. We need to bring them to Poland, help them to meet with an Israeli consul, than to leave them with Jewish Agency or, if it is not an Aliyah, we will help them with buying tickets to Israel. Thanks to the Lord that T can easily communicate with them and sometimes repeat many times what do they need to do. It needs a lot of patience.

In a war time in Ukraine people feel lost, very often they change their decision, they are afraid of everything and they really need psychological help. We know that in a short time like it is now only the Lord can help them. It is our prayer.”


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