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The Ultimate Ending - DVD

The Ultimate Ending - DVD

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As our world leans toward chaos and godlessness, you might be wondering just how close we are to Christ’s return. The book of Revelation is filled with the information we need to find peace in these times, but maybe you’ve struggled to understand its prophecies. Let us help you understand!

Become an expert in the eternal truths of Revelation with this DVD’s eight sessions. Through this study you’ll find clarity for your future from the Word of God. Follow along with our speakers Steve Herzig, Jim Showers, Chris Katulka, and Mike Stallard as we study:

  •  The Promises and Warnings for Today
  •  The Lion, The Lamb & The Scroll
  •  The Rebellion & The Redeemer
  •  The Divine Mission of Israel
  •  The Counterfeit Trinity
  •  The World's Last Breath
  •  The King's Return
  •  The Ultimate Ending

Don’t go another day without assurance of the hope-filled future you can look forward to in the ultimate ending.

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(Format: 2-Disc DVD, Closed Caption, 269 minutes, Code: V041)

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