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11 Aug 2021


A New Ministry Role:

From the beginning of 2022 Simon will be moving into a new position within the FOI-New Zealand and Australian teams as Ministry Development Representative where he will be focused on and overseeing three strategic areas of need for our mission. 1. Project development focusing on strategic projects and ministry support that fulfils our mission objectives. 2. Ministry awareness to help raise the mission’s profile among all believers and improving our connections with existing supporters. 3. Ministry advancement that will focus on establishing new ministry financial partnerships while serving those who support our ministry in more meaningful ways. This new ministry role is a significant development for the mission that will see Simon straddling the Tasman lending support to our ministry teams in both countries. Importantly he will be helping the mission develop better connections with both the Jewish people and our supporters.

From the beginning of 2022 the Lawry's will be moving to the east coast of Australia where Simon will have greater access to the needs of both countries and to Lord willing unite their family once again. They would deeply value your prayers in this significant move.

A New NZ Ministry Representative:

We are not in a position to announce the details just yet, however we are well advanced in the process for what we hope will be a successor for Simon's Ministry Representative position working full time here in NZ. Please pray for the Lord’s will to be done in a decision we hope to bring before you in the not too distant future.

To get in touch with Simon, email him at or call him on 021 277 0129

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