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Dear Friend,

I write today to update you on how the Russian invasion is impacting The Friends of Israel’s ministry in Ukraine and Poland and, more importantly, the people now engulfed in war.

Please pray for every life upended by this invasion, all 44 million citizens of Ukraine. As I mentioned Tuesday, this war directly affects Friends of Israel (FOI) workers in Eastern Europe and the people they serve. Specifically, FOI’s workers in Ukraine have been forced from their homes. One of our field representatives, who lives in Warsaw, Poland, has family near the Russian border in Donetsk, Ukraine—a city that already suffered during the Russian-Ukrainian war in 2014. To avoid danger, they have fled to the outskirts of Ukraine.

With missiles falling around the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv last night and today, Tetiana, our field worker there is now in harm’s way. Yet, she is bravely shuttling Jewish families to the Polish border more than five hours away, where our Polish team is transporting them to two safe facilities available to FOI for refugees. The roads are perilous, as many people are trying to get out of Ukraine. Please pray for Tetiana and her family.

We have received reports on the increasingly difficult conditions the Ukrainian people face. The three major airports were bombed and are closed. There are no flights out of the country. Some reports estimate only eight days of natural gas supplies remain in Ukraine’s reserves. It is winter, and natural gas is critical to heat homes and keep people from freezing to death. This war has the potential of turning quickly into a major humanitarian crisis.

Jewish people trying to make it to Israel are no longer able to fly from Ukraine. Those who can get to Poland are working to get permission to fly from Warsaw. Our Polish team is helping to make this possible.

If the Lord has laid it on your heart to help rescue people in Ukraine and Poland, please consider making a gift to FOI’s Eastern European Relief Fund. You will be actively helping them relocate and obtain shelter, food, clothes, toiletries, transportation, medicine, and spiritual guidance. Our field workers are there, risking their lives to aid as many as they can. They need your help now! Every dollar will go directly toward urgent, life-saving work in Ukraine, Poland, and the region.

We know God is in control. This situation is part of His will, but we are concerned for those who are suffering. Thank you for your prayers.

Praying with you,

Jim Showers, DMin Executive Director/President

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